Maps and Stats User Survey

obs-blog-surveyDue to changes in both software and hardware, the next few months will see a fundamental redesign of Maps and Stats within the Bradford Community Statistics Project. We are planning some exciting improvements to the tools and approach to locality mapping and analysis.

Where do we hope to be?

We would like to make it as easy as possible for residents, businesses and visitors to find information and statistics about the district. Maps and Stats will not be available in its current form which is why we will be developing new tools and updating our content, along with adding new features and functionality over the coming months. We want your feedback and so that we can make improvements as we go along. In the mean-time we will make every effort to direct you to appropriate resources where you can locate the information and tools you are looking for.

Tell us what you think

Your opinions are crucial to making our approach effective and valued. We would like to hear from you to find out more about how you use Maps and Stats currently and capture any comments or suggestions you may have to improve this work focused on locality mapping and analysis. Please click here to complete a short survey and tell us what you think.