Census 2011 Profiles

Bradford Observatory have produced a standard Census 2011 Profile using key  indicators reported by Census 2011. All profiles can be downloaded or saved as a PDF document straight from Bradford Observatory. All Census 2011  profiles are standardardised and have District and West Yorkshire comparators. They are available at a number of key standard geographies from  Bradford Observatory. Click on the below links to view

Census 2011 Profile for Lower super Output Area

Census 2011 Profile for Local Authority (Bradford District)

Census 2011 Profile for Wards

Census 2011 Profile for Area Committees

Census 2011 Profile for Lower Super Output Areas 2011 (New LSOAs)


2011 Census Briefing

Using detailed characteristics from the 2011 Census this briefing considers ethnicity, language and health.

Ethnicity by age

obs-blog-eth-age-1Different ethnic groups have very different age profiles. The mixed ethnic group has the youngest age profile, with 65.8% under 25 years of age. Of the South Asian ethnic groups, the Bangladeshi ethnic group has the youngest age profile – 42.2% are under 16 years of age and 57.4% under 24 years of age. In line with national trends the Irish ethnic group is the oldest in the District, with nearly 40% over 65 years of age.

To download the full briefing note click here.