Labour Market Participation & Deprivation

labour-market&depriv_cover-pgUsing data from the 2011 Census this bulletin explores the relationship between highest qualification and socio-economic class, and economic activity and qualifications. We consider differences between ethnic groups and highest qualification, and the relationship between socio- economic class and economic activity for residents in the most deprived areas of Bradford.

Summary findings

  • Higher qualifications are often associated with increased socio-economic classification, with an implied comparative higher income.
  • The more qualified you are the more likely are you to be active as an employee, and less likely to be inactive or unemployed.
  • In the most deprived neighbourhoods the White English and White Irish groups are most likely to have no qualifications.
  • British Black in areas most deprived are the least likely to hold no qualifications and most likely to hold a degree level qualification.
  • For areas most deprived economic activity is more prevalent in the semi and routine occupations, but also for lower managerial and intermediate occupations.
  • The trend for areas most deprived is economic inactivity for the long-term unemployed, with a rate more than double that of areas not deprived.

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