Ethnicity & Deprivation in Bradford

eth&dep-bulletin-coverUsing 2011 Census ethnicity data this release examines the likelihood of ethnic groups living in the most deprived areas of Bradford; compares the type of neighbourhood deprivation across groups; and explores if ethnic minorities are better or worse off living in the most deprived areas.

Summary findings

  • In absolute terms those resident in the most deprived areas in Bradford from non-White ethnic groups is around 88,300 persons, greater than White groups at 72,200 persons.
  • The likelihood of ethnic minority groups living in a deprived area is greatest for Bangladeshi (59.2%) and Pakistani (56.4%), with the lowest for White British (19.4%).
  • Deprivation domains of Income, Health, Education and Living Environment appear correlated with the overall ranking distribution for minority groups, implying these should be considered as ‘drivers’.
  • All ethnic groups see a gain when resident in non-deprived areas, in particular White and Mixed groups.
  • The unemployment rate for ethnic minorities in areas not deprived remains more than 7% higher.

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