Households below a Minimum Income Standard: 2008/9 to 2011/12

JRF-logoCommissioned research show almost 1 million more households in the UK are living below the minimum income standard, taking the figure to 4.7 million households at 2011/12.

Key points

  • The most severe increase has been among single people of working age, where the percentage unable to afford this minimum acceptable standard of living rose from 29 per cent to 36 per cent.
  • Among single people aged under 35 it rose even faster, from 29 to 42 per cent. This group also had an even greater increase in risk of having extremely low incomes, of less than half the minimum required.
  • Two in three people in lone parent families are now below Minimum Income Standard.
  • Pensioners and couples without children remain the most likely to have an adequate income.

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The cumulative impact of welfare reforms

Inclusion-logoLess than one quarter of welfare recipients will be in a position to mitigate reductions in benefit payments by finding work or moving to cheaper accommodation, an independent study carried out by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion has today revealed.

The study shows that by 2015–16 the income of households claiming benefit will be lower on average by £1,615 per year (£31 per week). This is equivalent to around £1 in every £7 of household income. However, a shortage of jobs and affordable homes in many areas means that four out of every five of these households are likely to need some form of assistance from their council to help them cope with the reduction in welfare.

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