Mid-2013 Population Estimates

mid-2013-popest-cover-pgThis release reports the mid-2013 estimates for Bradford in the context of the sub-region and historical mid-year estimates. Age structure and its distribution is explored.

Key findings

  • The rounded mid-2013 estimate for Bradford is 526,400 persons, with a median age of 35.2 years.
  • The population increased by 1,750 on the previous year’s estimate, with natural change (births – deaths) at +3,600, net internal migration -3,550 and net international migration +1,700 persons.
  • Natural change is a major driver to population growth, with international net in-migration historically significant and internal net out-migration substantial.
  • The dynamics of population change in Bradford appear to be operating differently compared to our sub-regional neighbours.
  • Bradford has a young age profile compared to our neighbours, with 1 in 4 (23.5%) of the total under 16 years.
  • The proportion aged 20 to 42 match the distribution for England, with the bulk proportionally less aged over 42 years.

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