A tutorial on creating thematic maps from 2011 Census data

2011Census-logoLearn how to select 2011 Census small area data and create printable thematic maps for Bradford.

One of the easiest ways to explore the 2011 Census results is mapping small areas, making use of free online tools.


Let’s say you want to visualise Ethnic Groups in Bradford by creating a map of where people reside. 2011 Census data is hosted by Nomis and can be accessed by clicking here.

With the 2011 Census data front page open, choose Key Statistics followed by the KS201EW Ethnic Group table. Table information is provided, with a link to a full description. You want to Explore the data, so click on the Wizard Query.

You now have a 5-step process to complete, starting with geography selection.


STEP 1 The small area you will use is Lower layer Super Output Areas. Select ‘some’ from the drop-down box then find Bradford from the next drop-down and click ‘tick all’, then Next.

STEP 2 is selecting ethnic groups. Uncheck ‘All usual residents’ and check only broad ethnic groups, then click Next.

STEP 3 is percent selection, which can be skipped. Click Next.

nomis_tutorial-img-7STEP 4 is choosing the format. Check ‘Map’ and click Finish.

STEP 5 is the download. Click ‘View map’ which opens a new window.


Here you can select which Ethnic Group to visualise and customise your map size or include a background (as above), with a printable version if needed.


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